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Frequently Asked Questions

When do the new Regulations change?

These change on the 10 April 2013. Until then designers may choose to use the existing routes for demonstrating compliance or choose to use the new Acceptable Solutions or Verification Method, C/VM2, to demonstrate compliance to Code Clauses C1- C6.



Do I have to use the new Acceptable solutions before 10 April 2013?

No, but be careful, as you get closer to the drop dead date of the existing Code Clauses you run a risk of missing the date and having to revise your original design.



Do I have to be a Fire Engineer to use the Acceptable Solutions?

No - they are designed to be used by anyone, however it would still be prudent to contract a fire engineer to ensure that the design is accurate.



Can I still use an "alternative solution" to show compliance?

The intent by the central regulator is that the new Code Clauses C1 - C6 will only be addressed using the New Acceptable Solutions or the new Verification Method.



Will this bring extra design cost?

Almost certainly it will, as the Regulator is indicating, the design using C/VM2 should be done by qualified and Chartered Professional Engineers only.