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About Us

National Consultants is a specialised fire engineering consultancy practice.


We aim to work on the development of solutions through smart design and collaboration with stakeholders.


We provide design, technical support and legal specialist support to a range of clients.


The general range of services we offer now include but are not limited to:

  • Unique fire engineered solutions
  • New buildings design, Alterations to Existing Buildings and Change of Use for existing buildings
  • C1 - C6 compliance and fire engineering designs using Verification Method C/VM2
  • Peer review of fire designs for designers, engineers and Consent Authorities
  • Regulatory compliance checks of fire designs on behalf of the Consent Authorities
  • Provision of Producer Statement as required by Consent Authorities
  • Reviews and development of Consent procedures
  • Training packages in fire knowledge, the Building Act 2004 and Building Regulations
  • Product support and appraisal
  • Site visits and inspections
  • Compliance inspections for Section 224 of the Resource Management Act.